Calendars Menu

The calendar pages under this menu show our upcoming rides and events.

EVENTS shows all of the next 60 days' rides and events, more suitable for viewing on a tablet, PC or laptop.
FEATURED EVENTS shows charity rides, away rides and social events.
UPCOMING EVENTS, also accessible via HOME > UPCOMING EVENTS, shows all of the next 30 days' rides and events, formatted for optimal viewing on a mobile phone.
All pages also show the latest postings to the Fleet Cycling Facebook page, where late changes to rides may be posted.
General chit-chat is also posted on our WhatsApp group. CONTACT US to join it.

All rides start at 09:30 from Hart Leisure Centre unless otherwise stated.

The information for each ride on these pages is fed automatically from the "Ride Calendar" tab of a Google Sheets document. If you are a ride leader and need access to update it, please CONTACT US.